Saray Hali A.S. (SARAY) is a joint stock company incorporated under Turkish Law in 1972 in the Province of Kayseri in Central Turkey. Later in 1981, the registered head office of the Company was transferred to Istanbul. Now the new, fully decorated, top of the line head office building houses Saray as the name owned in Turkish.

Commencing its manufacturing activities with a small textile mill engaged solely in manufacturing and marketing of machine woven area rugs in 1972, the Company not only has exhibited an impressive growth in its core business; but also has widened its interests to include such diversified activities as agriculture, animal husbandry, citrus management, and tourism. This has placed Saray to one of the top 500 companies in Turkey.

With an impressive five star luxury resort in Mediterranean Province of Antalya, SARAY getting ready to play a leading role in the growing Tourism industry of the Country as well.

The manufacturing facilities are organized as two separate combines:
  • An 8100 spindle semi-worsted spinning mill integrated with a Wilton (face-to-face) weaving plant of 20 modern Van de Wiele make looms and
  • An 8 extruder polypropylene extrusion unit combined again with a weaving plant of 11 modern Van de Wiele looms. Totals an annual capacity of 7,5 million square meters in wool, acrylic, p.p.heat-set, BCF and Frise qualities.
  • The company made the decision in October 2006, of the investment of the Axminster power loom by Van De Wiele, the Belgium loom producer; this is the very first loom to operate in Turkey. Saray, one more time had renowned the “head of the innovators” name in its filed in Turkey.

The spinning mill consists also of a wool scouring range, a yarn dyeing facility, and ample twisting capacity.  Wool, acrylic, and polyprophylene fibers are spun most frequently. Naturally the mill can spun all fibers and all blends. Both weaving plants are equipped with computer aided monitoring and control network assuring high productivity and providing utmost flexibility in design and style changes. The weaving plants are capable of weaving a wide variety of Wilton (face-to-face) carpets- i.e., single, two and three shot constructions in varying reed densities. An in-plant art studio fully supported by computer aided design systems facilitates rapid applications of design, color and size changes. A creative design team located in Istanbul augments in-plant design studio.

The Company employs over 1300 excluding seasonal workers- in the hotel and in agricultural operations. Markets & Sales Organization- Saray Hali is the leading area-rug manufacturer of the Country. In domestic market, Saray distributes its goods through own regional distribution centers directly to retailers.  With 22 such regional centers spread all over the Country, Saray enjoys the largest share by distributing to nearly 1300 retail stores in domestic machine made area rugs market. Lately, the company has formed its new company “Saray Hali GmbH” in Cologne, Germany and focused on the European market. The Company, exporting to approximately 50 customers in close to 40 countries all over the world has supplied important gain of foreign currency to the country’s economy.

Saray Hali, owing its national and international reputation by creating brands with high quality and competitive pricings like Classic, Vizyon, Sembol, Serenat, Armoni, Season, Carving, and has supported its brands by developing more than thousands of designs and a great variety of color groups and renewing these every year according to the market trend.

Produced and developed first time in the machine woven area rug business, Saray Hali, by creating “non-slip backing” and applying in the Frise quality and registering it in the Turkish Patent Institute as a Beneficial Model had opened a new era.

Producing with high technology, Saray Hali, examines every step of production carefully, thus, has gained first time in the industry the International Quality Assurance System certificate.

Saray Hali is technology friendly. Thanks to on-line production, marketing and sales activities, our customers can benefit all the information through the web site and toll-free assistance.

Saray Hali is environment friendly. By erecting refinery system, Saray Hali is the first in his neighborhood to accomplish such responsibilities to the environment.

“The best investment is the one applied to the people” is the idea that Saray Hali bears for employees by arranging seminars for social, educational and health topics also making cultural trips for them.

The health club put up lately, convenience store, playground for children, barber, swimming pool, fitness club, mosque and hundreds of houses for families are in use by our employees.

Saray Hali strongly believes in the importance of education in one’s life and so has built two elementary schools in Develi one elementary school in Mustafabeyli village 300 and 400 student capacity two dorms and one multi-functional high school in Yavu, Sivas. Also the construction of another high school in Mustafabeyli continues.


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